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Thursday, February 2, 2012



So, I don't want to, ok so I will, toot my own horn! I am down 10 pounds since I started my health kick on January 13th! I must say that I am super proud of myself. 10 pounds might not seem like alot but it is very hard to get motivated to lose. So, I am very proud of every one of those 10 pounds!!!

I am amazed that it hasn't actually been that hard this time around. I have more determination and motivation than ever before! It's great!! I am still saying no to sodas and sweet tea, still saying no to sweets and tons of cards, and just generally paying attention to what I put in my body. I am still enjoying my workouts all well.

Just a little update! Hopefully next time I can post that I am down.....20!


Kelly Ford said...

SO proud of you!!! YAY!

The Harner's said...

Thanks girl!

Emily said...

yay!!!!!! Proud for you!!!!!!