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Thursday, February 9, 2012

MRI Results

Drum roll please.......

Yesterday at about 3:30 pm we got the news we'd been hoping and praying for. Logan got the all clear!! He no longer has a Chiari! Wow, what a difference this surgery has made with the Chiari and his overall health! We are so thankful and grateful for Dr. Reisner and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta! They are all such amazing people. The entire staff here really loves and cares for their patients and parents alike.

We got to the hospital super early. We anticipated much more traffic like previous visits. It only took us 25 minutes this time. We passed time just sitting in the car listening to music and Logan watched a movie. We would rather be early than late.

The MRI was scheduled for 9:45 but they didn't end up taking him back there until about 10:15. Good thing they have cartoons and that we own a Leapfrog Explorer! That thing is a life saver, highly recommend it or something like it.

Since Logan wasn't allowed anything to eat after midnight and nothing to drink (clear liquids up until 5:45) we skipped breakfast entirely. The cafeteria was closed by the time they took him so we decided just to wait until 11 when they opened for lunch. Justin and I headed down to The Zone to pass some time. It's a super cool play area they have for kids and families downstairs. Clown shows, pizza making, ice cream parties, movie nights, all sorts of things. Well, today it just so happens that some of THE ATLANTA BRAVES were having a meet and greet! Amazing! Justin is a huge Braves fan so he was i Heaven. AND it just so happens that I decided to wear my Braves hoodie to the hospital! Talk about a meant to be situation. Of all days!! We got some pictures and an autographed baseball cap for Logan. We wish he could have been down there with us but it didn't work out that way. But was a great time waster for sure! Lunch was so good after that wait. I had some yummy Cajun Shrimp Jambalaya from the cafeteria. Who says you can't eat good in the hospital!!

When he woke up after sleep for a good hour and a half he got 2 popsicles and a gatorade. He got dressed and we headed to Dr. Reisner's office. It is great that it is only about 50 feet from the hospital, very convenient. We did end up waiting a little over an hour to be seen but that office is SLAMMED! And we didn't have a set time so I am sure that made a difference.

We had high hopes that everything was ok. We know his quality of life has been greatly improved. He showed no previous symptoms. And has been all boy, no inhibitions at all. He is more vibrant and can really run with the big dogs like never before! He is doing so amazing!

We treated him to his favorite, cheeseburger and french fries after we saw the doc. Don't worry, he didn't starve. We did go to the hospital with an arsenal of snacks in tow! So he munched on that til he got some real food. That boy can eat! And he followed it up with a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich that was huge and ended up sharing with daddy! ;)

We ran around the hospital for a while letting him enjoy the train as he always does! And to let traffic die down. We are glad this day is over and that we got some great news!

You can click on the image to make it bigger. As you can see in the pre-op and post-op images, the Chiari is GONE! Such a miracle and such a success! We hope he continues on this path and that he can continue to live a normal, healthy life!

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