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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Favorite Things!

A blog friend of mine, Danielle Butler, had a Favorite Things party last year. If I remember correctly everyone brought some of their "favorite" things to share. What a great idea!! I'll have to go back and reread the post to get it completely right. I make it sound, well, so BORING!

So she decided to do a blog Favorite Things party! Cute idea!!! So here's the button and link to her page. And some of MY favorite things at the moment.

Butler, Favorite Things

I have really been working hard to get in shape and to lose weight. It's been working and I love it. I have been enjoying a cup of green tea or even just hot tea in general after lunch. I have always heard it is good for digestion and that green tea can help you lose weight. Here's my pick!

My hair has a tendency to dry out if blow dryed too much. I try not to wash it everyday but now that I working out SO much I kinda need to, ya know? I use this and it makes my hair smell and feel good. If you use too much it can get greasy but thank goodness that hasn't happened to me. A little dab will do ya for sure. It helps tame the frizziness and smooths it out some.

I recently started making healthy smoothies for a snack and will start this evening as a pre-workout meal. I might start doing it after depending on how I feel. The girls at work got me started on it and I wanted to try it for myself. I don't always have time to eat before hitting the gym and also don't want to work out on a super full stomach. We've been using this and adding a variety of fruits, protein, and flax seed. It's delish!!! And good for you!

My absolute favorite thing right now is Zumba! I LOVE IT!!! I have had the DVD's at home for over a year now. I would do them off and on and then once I got sick for about 2 weeks. So I stopped and never picked it back up. In January I had made up my mind to lose weight. I'd do my Walk Away the Pounds Video, Zumba, and a few other things. I got invited to a class one night by a neighbor. I was nervous since I'd never done anything really past the 20 minute Zumba express and the class is an hour. Well, all it took was one visit and I was hooked. I was going once a week and now I love it so much I have joined the gym, go 2 nights a week, and will do Saturdays when I can! It's an AWESOME workout, I sweat my booty off, and I know it's working! My neighbor and I have totally caught the Zumba bug! I even just bought a tank top off their website so I can workout in style! :) With a BIG help from Zumba I have officially lost 16 POUNDS! since January! Yeah, I think I'll stick with it!!!

I am also TOTALLY loving this album! Yes, it might seem kinda ghetto in a way but I just can't seem to get enough. Thanks to Zumba!! Ha! Our instructor plays a lot of it and it's THE perfect music to get you moving and to shake to! I think I've had it on replay all day the last 2 days at work. You'd think I'd be tired of it by now. But I am so looking forward to tonight! I can't help but wanna get up and dance when I hear Shake Senora! It's my fav!!!

What are your favorite things?? What are you loving right now?? Thanks Danielle for a fun idea!!!

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